Ken Wilkinson

I have lived the life of an artist for thirty eight years with all that it could possibly mean.

A university art school ceramics class in 1974 and exposure to some the famous ceramists of the day conspired to interrupt my studies in engineering and computer science. My scientific studies coupled with an inquiring mind and a need to understand "how things work" have informed my life and my work as a potter.

My fascination with clay and with creativity has led me to explore the many possibilities open to one who has chosen life as a potter. I design, create and market my work. I collaborate, teach and learn everything I can, as well as advocate for "Fine Craft " wherever possible.

During this time, I have been happy, sometimes sad,excited, challenged and even obsessed but never never bored. It has been said that an artist is in the "state of becoming". 

With this "Becoming", there is no way to do anything but look foreword to the next challenge, work of art, coffee cup or exhibition. Please enjoy!